Buldecor is a Bulgarian furniture company, established in 1994, specialized in the production, delivery and installation of made-to-order furniture for hotels, retail and business spaces.
We perform complete furnishing of hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and cafes. Along with the standard furniture – bar counters, tables, chairs, sofas, cupboards, shelving, we also offer specialized equipment for the preparation, storage and selling of foods and drinks under the GABRO® trademark – refrigerated and heated food display units, buffet lines and trolleys, show cooking buffets, specialized bar equipment, refrigerated tables, ambient kitchen equipment.
Buldecor also produces furnishing and equipment for the bar work area – bar counters, backwall counters, specialized bar modules, built-in refrigerated units.
The products we offer meet the highest aesthetic demands of our clients; the materials and mechanisms, which we use, guarantee our product quality and durability. The company is certified according to ISO 9001.
In the hospitality sector we have realized many high-class hotel projects in luxury seaside and ski resorts, prestigious business hotels, as well as a number of fast food restaurants, coffee-shop chains and gas stations.